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Save on Furniture Cost and Save the Environment by Using Recycled Timber

April 18th, 2017

When shopping for timber furniture, you probably cringe at some of the high prices on it today. If you research far enough, though, you will soon learn that there is a way to save on furniture and save the environment at the same time simply by locating a company that uses recycled timber in their furniture pieces. Our company, Wenborn Wood, is one such company. Our following facts discuss the benefits of buying furniture that contains recycled wood.

Recycled Timber Reduces the Cost of Raw Materials

Since we utilise recycled Australian timber from such sources as construction timber, flooring, old furniture, crates, and industrial and commercial sources, we reduce the cost of our raw materials. As a result, we can pass these savings on to our customers to provide them with cost-effective furniture pieces for their home.

Recycled Timber Is the Eco-Friendly Choice

You make an environmentally friendly choice when you decide upon furniture that contains recycled wood. Not only do you prevent used timber furnishings and elements from winding up in a landfill, but you also help preserve the old-growth forests throughout Australia.

Unique Furniture Creations Are Possible with Recycled Timber

On top of the other benefits of turning to furniture with recycled timber, you will also discover that unique creations are possible with this type of wood. At times, we combine a mixture of different timbers to make our furniture and this provides you with a one-of-a-kind grain pattern throughout the pieces. You will not see the same piece in your friend’s house since each piece that we sell comes out just a bit differently than the same design that we make for another customer.

Various Types of Furniture Pieces From Our Company

Here at Wenborn Wood, we create a wide assortment of furniture pieces from recycled timber that range from traditional to modern in design, including such items as:

• Classic beds
• Storage beds
• Freestanding beds
• Decorative beds
• Chest of drawers
• Bedside tables
• Sofa tables
• Dining tables
• Hall tables
• Lanterns
• Boxes
• Screens
• Other items upon request

Along with using recycled timber in our furniture, Wenborn Wood also includes sustainably harvested hardwoods from this country, such as Tasmanian oak, messamate or Alpine ash. Our fastening methods are traditional ones and involve no nails, screws or staples except in handles on tables or hinges onf items. Our workmanship and products are always top-notch quality to last you throughout the years in a durable, attractive manner.

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