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Benefits of Recycling

June 20th, 2017

Recycled Australian timber has highly appealing character and individuality, making it extremely attractive to consumers seeking furnishings hand crafted from authentic aged hardwoods. Unique furniture pieces created from recycled Tasmanian oak or messmate are becoming more popular as people search for opportunities to bring nature into their home environments by adding charming furniture made from repurposed wood with beautiful distinctive grains and rich textures. Some people just like the idea of using something old to create something new while maintaining the lustre and charm of the original materials.

Major Benefits of Recycling Timber

Some of the outstanding benefits of recycling timber include the following advantages for the buyer:

  • New Furniture Designs in Older Materials – When fresh new furniture designs are combined with the use of older recycled wood, discarded materials are reborn as vibrant, new yet seasoned and somewhat aged furniture. The fact that the repurposed timber had another life in a domestic or commercial setting lends it a sense of mystery and allure that adds character and ambience to the new item’s look and appeal.
  • Fewer Furniture Pieces in Landfill or Disposal Sites – By choosing to purchase furniture crafted from recycled timber you are helping to alleviate the problem of an overload of used building materials in landfill or rubbish disposal sites.
  • More Help for the Global Green Movement – By selecting recycled wood furniture designs for your home or office decor today, you are aiding the worldwide green movement to preserve and improve the earth’s environment. When you order customised furniture items created from repurposed hardwoods, you are also encouraging designers and artisans who specialise in handcrafted furniture made from recycled woods to continue their valuable efforts toward creating new eco-friendly home or office furnishings with the lustre, heart and soul of past eras.

When you engage the creative, skilled designers and artisans at Wenborn Wood, serving the entire Melbourne area and surrounding regions, to design and produce your handcrafted furniture items from recycled wood, you will receive optimum quality pieces. Using your choice of fine quality repurposed hardwood, our experts will fashion beautiful and practical creative furniture that will add outstanding charm and appeal to your home or workplace decor.

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